Laura_Cottril_De_La_Salle_dugout_top “As the season goes on, teammates go from teammates, to friends to brothers.” – Baseballism Laura_Cottril_De_La_Salle_baseball_dugout_blog Even though we’ve seen it happen over and over in our lives, it is still so miraculous to see our children grow up and prepare to leave the nest for new horizons. What a treasure for these best buddies to have these portraits as their legacy; a capsule of their time together before they go their separate ways. A friendship like this will never be forgotten. Laura_Cottril_Shess_1237duo Laura_Cottril_Roberts_1261trio Laura_Cottril_Redmond_1347duoLaura_Cottril_Katz_1305duo Laura_Cottril_Chriss_1310_duoLaura_Cottril_Sparks_1248duo Laura_Cottril_0W7A1442-Exposure

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  1. Erin Coulston Williams

    Those turned out amazing!!!!