senior portraits

Standing on the precipice of adulthood your child is a complex blend of light and dark, excitement and apprehension, confidence and questions. With so much already accomplished and so much yet to come, senior portraits reflect all the potential the future holds.

Perfect Details

Each time you gaze at your images you’ll remember the day in detail; nervous jitters getting ready, how surprisingly at ease you felt after you arrived. The magical circle that sorrounded you causing your stress and cares to fall away.

You & Your Surroundings

A perfect day; an authentic location, you in your hand selected and carefully dressed outfit. A portrait to artfully place you back in time and a stunning memory of your delightful day.

The Difference

Immediately you’ll notice that Laura’s work is different. It is influenced by master painters. yet fresh and current. She combines rich composition and artistic placement to create the magical – photographic art that transforms rich emotion into a portrait session that puts you at ease so you can be yourself.

you captured the truth i wanted to tell

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