Laura_Cottril_0W7A9223-ExposureWhat words can even convey my feelings for these girls, this day, these portraits. They are truly food for my soul. I’ve watched this big sister grow up before my lens since she was a five-day-old newborn. She delights me in every way and her deep sensibility and collusion on our “surprise for daddy, girls only session” only multiplied my delight. I feel beyond lucky to know this family and now call them treasured friends, with their trust of my creation and unwavering support and delight of the outcome. Laura_Cottril_Trio Laura_Cottril_Vintage quote Laura_Cottril_0W7A9455-Exposure Sisters quote Laura_Cottril_duo Laura_Cottril_0W7A9457duo Adding in the fire of little sister made for an exciting session. She wanted to do everything big sister did…until she was done. Which wasn’t long! Then of course she posed in her own way, which was equally as beautiful. Their relationship is a jewel. Such true love there, as well as lots of laughs and hugs galore. I’ll never forget this day as long as I live. Blessed am I. Laura_Cottril_0W7A9555-Exposure