Do you photograph puppies?

The question took me by surprise. I’ve photographed many dogs in family portraits but have never been asked about having a Puppy Photo Session. Although I do have photographer friends that specialize in this sort of thing. Well, when I met Meadow, it was like meeting a charming baby. She is beautiful, soft and full of puppy playfulness. Timing was of the essence as puppies don’t stay little for long! Lucky for us it was also mustard time and we had a sunset frolic in the mustard with Meadow the puppy and her big brothers too. The degree of difficulty for two young boys and a puppy is high so we brought this cool rustic wagon that worked great as an energy container for a few brief moments. I just love this classic, timeless image! We forgot the peanut butter, but no worries, mom smeared some cheese stick on the boys’ faces and boy did Meadow and the boys have a good time with that! It’s all about having fun and making memories.

Capturing these magic times are just like catching images of the puppy before she grows too fast. There is no turning back the hands of time and these portraits will be cherished for a lifetime for the story they tell, the memories we made and the capture of boyhood in all its crazy fun.


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  1. Joan Silva

    Love this. you captured such wonderful moments. The puppy is adorable. Thanks for sharing this. I miss talking to you.