Senior Portraits or Family Portraits?


Milestones are a natural time to think of having family portraits done and with spring comes the urgency of needing to get our seniors photographed. I notice that many times families will know they want to get their portraits done, but haven’t thought about what they will do with them. This also applies to the senior portraits with an added twist; when updating one child in the family, why not update all of them, or even the whole family? Chances are your family hasn’t had portraits made in awhile. All your kids are at different development stages and sometimes one has already flown the nest. By photographing all your kids, or even your whole family it also solves the awkward problem of celebrating only one child with photographs.


In this client’s world, their daughter has graduated and is in the working world already. Their son has just graduated with honors and will be going away to college in the midwest. What better reason to create portraits of your family in this time now, before life gets busier, kids go away to school and the family starts growing again?

It was such a pleasure to work with this mom, who shared her vision and her dreams for her family portraits with me. By collaborating we could bring in all the elements that sang to her; the old world romanticism of the location, the clothing that was meaningful to each person, and definitely their beautiful and charming dogs!


“Laura is amazing to work with, from start to finish! She really listened to my vision and immediately understood what I was after–portraits that celebrated our togetherness as a family and documented who we were before our son went off to college and our daughter establishes her own household. Not only is Laura an outstanding photographer, she is someone who cares about your vision and has the skills, resources and knowledge to execute it. She also provides invaluable insights and guidance on frames and makes it very easy to have your dream portraits become a reality!”


Laura_Cottril_0W7A9650Creating these beautiful pieces with my client’s wishes in mind was such an honor and a joy. Truly collaborating made every step so exciting. From planning the session, through the session itself, selecting favorites and choosing final frames, it was a true melding of wishes, creativity and quality.


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