Pinterest Portraits

Laura_Cottril_Photography_0W7A0877When we met, we looked at Pinterest. So many beautiful portraits posted on Pinterest. Beautiful locations, clothing ideas and posing styles were murmured over. Months in advance we met and dreamed and made plans. Laura_Cottril_Photography_0W7A0425

Our day came and we wandered around the Presidio, finding hidden nooks with gorgeous light and eucalyptus wafting on the warm fall breeze. Laura_Cottril_Photography_0W7A0483a

Our session was a journey of exploration to photograph this beautiful family in an amazing city by the bay.Laura_Cottril_Photography_0W7A0558Not all moments were perfect, which I love. It is these images that tell the story of the day. These images bring surprise and laughter because they are not “perfect,” but they’re PERFECT.Laura_Cottril_Photography_0W7A0763

As the sun reaches toward it’s sleep the light softens and so do we. Peace, playfulness, fresh air, tiny particles of ocean in our very breath.
Laura_Cottril_Photography_0W7A0891And the quick intake of that ocean air when the perfect moment is captured and we witnessed it together. Bliss.Laura_Cottril_Photography_0W7A0970


  1. Grace Bower

    Absolutely beautiful…thinking of some of the conversations we’ve had = magic to see the numinessence increasingly coming through in your work

  2. Lisa Fennello Larsgaard

    Wow, Laura Cottril…I’m stunned. Just stunned. Thanks for the beautiful memories.

  3. Nancy Chaffin

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous