Pleasant Hill Elementary Spring Gala

Anticipation rules the air as the calendar pages fly by and the Pleasant Hill  Elementary Spring Gala quickly approaches. We get many questions about the photos every year but it is as simple as this: We photograph approximately 140 kids of parents who are going to the Gala or parents who just sign up for photos and in the last five years we’ve raised approximately $24,000 with this project! As PHE is close to my heart and a part of my everyday it is a passion of mine to give back in the biggest possible way. This isn’t about me, though, it is about each child who sits in that little chair. It is about each parent who purchases their child’s photograph. It is about the parents who volunteer their time in big ways and small not only to the Gala planning and event, but for all the daily gifts of their time.

“One person cannot do everything, but everyone can do something.” Author unknown.

This project is a wonderful reminder of that concept and why I love PHE so much! It is a great community and I am so grateful to be a part of it! Huge kuddos to Debbie Shess, who makes this Gala event a pleasure to work on. Debbie is hard working, loyal and a great friend! Go here for more information on the PHE Spring Gala photo project.

It’s so exciting to create this…from this!


  1. Carol Gage Andrews Jensen

    Wow, you are truly a professional photographic WIZARD!

  2. Debbie Freund Shess

    You are such a talent and we’re so fortunate that you are part of PHE in such a generous and meaningful way Laura. Thank you!