When the story is a long one

Laura_Cottril_Photography_Iowa_boys_1200_2This road means so much to me. For my whole life, my mom’s life, her parents and grandparents life, this road passed by their home in rural Iowa. Sitting in, what is now my cousin’s, front yard we have years of memories of family gatherings, exploration, adventure and connection. To bring my boys here, so they can create their own memories, is so unbelievable to me. We can share our memories all we want, but really it is more meaningful for them to make their own.

This road. This story. My boys on their journey. Their road. I need to just close my eyes a minute and soak all that beauty in.


  1. Carol Gage Andrews Jensen

    I truly love the image, and treasure your story behind it…..you are an amazing visual artist, you connect the hearts into the image…a beautiful heart you have….

  2. Angelina Sanchez


  3. Judy Doug McCart

    Glad to be able to share a bit of the country and jog the memories of years past. Many have trod this road. I am glad to be part of it!