The Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

“Oh, it was easy to see why people had whirlwind shipboard romances, for it was a temporary journey into fantasy, where dreams could come true–if only for the duration of the cruise.” — Patricia Hagan (Ocean of Dreams)

It has been a year of crazy adventures and I often get stopped at school or in the grocery store with friends wondering “just what HAVE you been doing”? It’s called a big adventure and saying YES to activities outside my normal life which has enriched me and my family (and my photography) greatly. My new friends that I met at Vintage Days in June took me under their wing and brought me up to speed on all the vintage happenings. It opened a whole world of possibilities and wonderful people in gorgeous time period clothing having a great time in authentic vintage locations. Who could say no to that? My gracious new friends also took my husband under their wing and they outfitted both of us and insisted the Queen Mary Art Deco Festival was the place to be!

We donned our vintage attire and joined the fashion parade at the Double Decker bus tour of Art Deco Long Beach, lectures, Tea Dances and the Grand Ball. It was total immersion with the exception of catching a tourist snapping photos of us as we paraded straight through the 1920’s and 30’s. Sharing costume stories, meeting new friends from far and wide, watching and even joining in the beautiful ballroom dances; it really was a dream.

Traveling through time on the Queen Mary and being immersed in the Vintage world that is huge and all encompassing has opened my eyes to new ways of seeing with my photography. Similar to traveling to a foreign country or even a new city, everything is new to me and fascinating and brings about my passion for capturing this beauty in its element. Vintage events have sparked my photography passion again. While the Queen Mary was a big event, I also see it as a stepping stone to further creativity, connections with new amazing friends, deepening friendships and most of all, a Vintage good time.

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  1. Willow Polson

    Awesome photos, awesome article, awesome people.

  2. Marie-Jo Dulade-Coclet

    Great set of pictures Laura – (as usual) looking forward to seeing the next pictures you will take and post. Have a wonderful and fun weekend.

  3. Sheryl Ruzek

    Fabulous photo-essay! So glad you’ve enjoyed the journey.

  4. Angela Elsey

    lovely photos and interesting story!

  5. Carol Osborne

    Well done, Laura! Thanks for a delightful trip through some happy memories. Your work is beautiful.


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